Uber rejected consulting proposition from Michael Cohen

April 26, 2018 - By Henry Gaston

Uber rejected consulting proposition from Michael Cohen

Uber rejected consulting proposition from Michael Cohen

Even thought there were previous promises to share the insight of White House, Cohen could not manage the situation.

It looks like the deal was over after Cohen has stated that Uber must fire all their previous consultants and hire only him. Uber said no to this sweet offer to work close with the administration of Trump.

The source at Uber Corporation says that Trump’s advocate tried different approaches and advertised himself constantly as a lawyer of president.

Meanwhile, giant company decided that Cohen’s advances are not so persuasive.

The source also informed that Uber decided that Cohen and his wife’s ownership of 32 taxi medallions can be the real conflict of interests.

Some analysts believe that situation with the Cohen and his constant speculation on a close friendship to Trump shows his own unreliable situation and financial problems. According to the data from Cohen’s bills, on the beginning of May, president’s attorney had 53 836 dollars of unpaid taxes for a taxi. All the information was confirmed by Department of Finance and Taxation.

Another company that rejected offer of Cohen was Ford Motor Co, from Michigan, Dearborn.

For now, the biggest victory for an advocate of Trump is his deal with AT&T, Telecommunication Company. They became his consulting clients. And yet, according to Randall Stephenson, the CEO of the telecommunications company, they made a huge mistake by hiring Cohen as their own political consultant and following his recommendations and ideas.

We are very interested in the next Cohen’s clients.

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