Two hundred apps suspended by Facebook due to the data misuse

May 6, 2018 - By Darrin Black

Two hundred apps suspended by Facebook due to the data misuse

Two hundred apps suspended by Facebook due to the data misuse

Facebook is currently working on improvements for its safety and avoiding new scandals. They started to check apps and already suspended 200 apps while the investigation is going.

Cambridge Analytica Company is in the middle of the scandal right now. It drags Facebook and its services down with it.

Nevertheless, people wonder if this company was the only one who used Facebook and other social media to receive information on its users.

After Facebook admitted that this was its fault, representatives of this big network started their own investigation. By the 14th of May, they announced first results of the investigation and suspended 200 different apps which used users’ data.

Ime Archibong, the VP of the company says that they are checking activities of all apps that exist on the Facebook. For now, they have checked thousands of apps. It is the first stage of the whole process. At first, the company looks for apps that use a lot of information on users and keep it. For example, Cambridge Analytica, the company that was a consultant in Trump’s presidential campaign, had its information on 87 million users.

After they receive the name of the app, they check all the data about it and contact with most suspicious.

They will make online inspections as the last measure, according to the representatives of Facebook. Facebook says it will warn users whose data can be in danger. The new security rules will be implemented for apps that were downloaded there before 2015.

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