The football field sized asteroid passed by Earth on Tuesday

May 16, 2018 - By Adrian Mccoy

The football field sized asteroid passed by Earth on Tuesday

The football field sized asteroid passed by Earth on Tuesday

According to NASA specialists, this asteroid will be the closest one that rushed by Earth in the next 200 years. Space agency noted that while asteroid 2010 WC9 was seen from our planet, it kept a safe distance with its atmosphere.

On Monday NASA warned that the rock will be in the nearest distance to the planet at 2204 GMT. Still, there were about 120 000 miles between Earth and asteroid.

The statement says “At the time of closest approach, the asteroid will be no closer to Earth’s surface than about 120,000 miles (193,000 kilometers).”

In 2010, on the 30th of November astronomers from Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona, Tucson, have discovered huge space rock. At the end of the same year, on December 10 it disappeared from radars. Only recently it became obvious that asteroid took its course close to the Earth instead of safely flying between our planet and moon. New evidence were found by Mount Lemmon Survey.

What do we know about it? Asteroid flies at a speed of 29 000 miles per hour, which is 8 miles per second. Its size is from 200 to 400 feet across.

“The case of 2010 WC9 goes to show that simply detecting a new asteroid is not enough to determine if it will be a future threat to Earth,” said scientist Patrick Taylor, from Universities Space Research Association, Planetary Institute in Huston.

Another scientist from NASA, Paul Chodas said that he was also surprised to see the return of asteroid.

Scientists usually monitor over 10 000 asteroids which are moving near the Earth. They calculate the ability of any of these space rocks to reach the planet.

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