Prices on gas went to its highest in three years

May 9, 2018 - By Clifton Ray

Prices on gas went to its highest in three years

Prices on gas went to its highest in three years

It is not a secret that prices on gas are high. Even more, it continues to rise, reaching the highest level for the last three years.

According to the officials, the prices on gas in the USA went by nickel in one last week, which is 20 cents for the last month.

In New Jersey, drivers pay 3 dollars for one gallon for unleaded gas. According to Damian Woo. Earlier it was 54.16 cents for eighteen gallons, and now it is 40 dollars for just 13 gallons.

In Hawaii and California, where prices are higher, gas costs 3.70 dollars for the gallon. It is 1 dollar bigger than the average sum in the country.

Robert Sinclair, from AAA, says that 10 states in the USA have a price on gas equal to 3 dollars per gallon or even higher.

He says that there is a demand for gasoline. It is popular among the USA drivers. There are new working places across the US and it means more cars on the roads and active gas business.

Meanwhile, crude oil lost in supplies. It adds chances to gas prices as well, which does not face tough competition anymore.

Sinclair explains that while the price of gas is going to its highest peak, many drivers have already said they will not be able to afford further expenses on their car anymore. While some of the drivers say that they still can afford to pay for gasoline they don’t like the whole situation.

Many of the US drivers believe it is the price they have to pay for the road and ability to travel.

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