New theory on octopuses alien origin

May 9, 2018 - By Henry Gaston

New theory on octopuses alien origin

New theory on octopuses alien origin

Don’t you think that octopuses look a little bit weird and even scary? Not many of us will want to meet this creature during peaceful swimming lessons, for example.

And yet, it is hard to believe that octopuses can be aliens. Is it? Some people find these creatures are too smart to be from our planet.

They really have this weird ability to change bodies, and it is a unique modification for earth creatures. Scientists still did not give the perfect explanation for it. On Earth, everything happens by the long process of evolution and mutations in DNA.

As we don’t know any other creature that could be an ancient relative of octopuses, there are many theories on outer space origin of these creatures.

Last year on April scientists has found that octopuses can change and edit their RNA strands, like some squids and cuttlefish.

This ability separates them from other Earth species, together with squids and cuttlefish perhaps? RNA is similar to DNA, but instead of two stranded model, it has only one strand. It also keeps and transmits our genetic information.

According to the latest research, scientists believe that RNA is more like the first DNA, and it helped the first life on Earth to appear.

Researchers found 60 percent of RNA in the nervous system of squids edited after it was programmed by the DNA. These benefits helped cephalopods to adapt the brain to the changes of temperatures in the ocean.

“This shows that high levels of RNA editing … (is) an invention of the coleoid cephalopods” says Joshua Rosenthal, the researcher from Marine Biological Laboratory. “It could be something as simple as temperature changes or as complicated as experience, a form of memory.”

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