Music awakes Alzheimer free regions in the brain

April 23, 2018 - By Henry Gaston

Music awakes Alzheimer free regions in the brain

Music awakes Alzheimer free regions in the brain

Alzheimer disease usually is slow in progress in the first stages but step by step it destroys thinking abilities, memory. It damages ability to handle simple tasks.

Meanwhile, the new study shows that music can activate regions of the brain not damaged by disease.

The study was made by scientists from Utah Health University. They examined reaction on music in the brain of patients, trying to produce treatment by music and help patients with anxiety.

Associate professor Jeff Anderson said that patients with dementia usually have to suffer by their own from disorientation, anxiety. They don’t know and don’t remember this world anymore. So, he and his colleagues decided to activate that part of the brain that still can function properly by using music.

Together with patients that decided to collect the music list with songs somehow important and familiar to them. After that, they taught people how to use media player at the time they want.

This study showed that music can activate untouched by Alzheimer parts of the brain. The whole regions of the body formed links with each other and communicated. Functional connectivity rose higher.

Scientists don’t know whether this effect will exist for longer than stimulation period and how other areas of memory and mood were attached.

So, what about the main problem of the research? Scientists have published the results in Prevention of Alzheimer Disease journal, proving there that undamaged by disease brain can be activated by music and familiar sounds.

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