How can allergies change with age?

May 11, 2018 - By Marie Mckinney

How can allergies change with age?

How can allergies change with age?

A lot of people ask their doctors why their allergies are changing with age. Appears, young children and elderly people don’t have the same allergies.

Allergies are still one of the poorly researched territories. Meanwhile, millions of the USA citizens continue to suffer from different types of allergies.

What we know for sure is that some of them can disappear with time, some can appear, and some stay with us for the whole life. And what about the reasons? That ’s a good question.

We know that some allergies can evolve very quickly, and some can stay in one form for years.

A researcher at the University of New York, Clifford Bassett, the head of Allergy and Asthma Care in NY tries to give as many answers as he can.

He says that with age our body reacts passively to irritants from outside world. “The only good thing about getting older is that, in many cases, allergies are less prevalent,” he mentions.

He notes that from 60 to 80 percent of children usually suffer from egg or milk allergies, which they can outgrow until 16 years old. The sad statistics says that just 20 percent of children who had peanut allergy outgrew it. And only 14 percent of kids with tree nuts allergy became free from it by 16.

The scientists don’t have one particular answer. They know for sure that if the allergy comes in early age, there are more chances that child will outgrow.

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