Genes that tied to depression

May 6, 2018 - By Adrian Mccoy

Genes that tied to depression

Genes that tied to depression

According to the new study, there are dozens of “depression genes” in our body. Scientists have found genes that can increase depression risks. This new study shows how complex is this disease, and how difficult may be the general solution for everyone.

It also explains why some people can be helped with antidepressant therapy and other people will find it useless.

This is the common work of over 200 well-known scientists from across the world. They succeed in finding 44 variants of a gene, changes in the gene, which contributes to increasing depression risks. According to scientists, there are 30 of them which previously were not identified at all.

Now scientists are hoping to find the key to new therapies. They believe it had to be diverse for different types of depressions, people, etc.

Depression is a disease of 15 percent of adults in the world. And just 50 percent and even less responds to the current treatment, including psychotherapy sessions and drugs.

According to Doctor Steven Hyman, the head of Stanley Center of Psychiatric Research, not involved in the recent study, depression is one of the hardest health problems to treat, while being one of the most common.

He says that after many years of searching better treatment, scientists did not find the best solution. And now the new study sounds very promising to the whole world.

Hyman believes that new research will finally show the inner processes that call depression, make it so unique, and help to find the treatment.

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