Five habits that help you to live longer

April 28, 2018 - By Ellis Scott

Five habits that help you to live longer

Five habits that help you to live longer

These simple habits, according to the new study, will help people to add more years to their lives. The study says that these habits can extend your life to 10 years and more. So, what do we need to do?

Five simple habits that prolong our lives:

–              Don’t smoke,

–              Keep healthy body-mass index,

–              Make exercises and raise the level,

–              Avoid too much alcohol,

–              Keep up with a healthy diet.

According to the research, these simple rules can add 14 years of life to women and 12 years to men, comparing to not following any of these prescriptions.

The study was published in Circulation journal.

Researchers believe that every factor is necessary to follow as each of them can reduce risks of early death. All these factors are also connected to prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease, two main killers in the USA.

Every year in the USA almost 610 000 people are dying from heart disease. It is one death on every four in the country.

As for cancer, it is going to kill 609 000 Americans only this year.

Co-author of the study, Doctor Meir Stampfer, the professor at Harvard, says that these causes are among leading in premature death statistics. If these five simple habits will be followed directly, there will be more chances of survival and improvement of statistics. Longevity will be increased.

He says that medicine and science, in general, can help with many of these problems, but these simple changes in usual behavior we can do by ourselves.

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