Eyebrow microblading led to hospitalization

May 9, 2018 - By Adrian Erickson

Eyebrow microblading led to hospitalization

Eyebrow microblading led to hospitalization

Microblading of eyebrows is completely new and possibly very popular beauty trend this year. Meanwhile, doctors warn their patients not to follow everything celebrities recommend.

It looks much better than usual tattooing, as it provides a real feeling that there is a hair on eyebrows. It makes them look more natural.

One woman from Detroit has already felt all the “benefits” of the new operation, barely surviving.

What microblading is? It is a special beauty procedure which involves using a hand tool with needles that makes small cuts on the skin. In these cuts color pigment is spread, giving semi-permanent effect.

The woman who suffered from dangerous procedure asked not to be named. She said that when she made the microblading at the beauty salon she was very satisfied with the effect at first. She said her eyebrows looked just as she wanted.

She was happy for a while. And then, after two days she saw redness on her eyebrows. She began to feel that her eyebrows are swelling. She said it was painful.

The woman came to the medical care center and asked for the help. Doctors said it is cellulitis, and she went back home. However, it got worse in several hours. And she had to go back to emergency.

After medical stuff examined her situation, they left her in the hospital giving antibiotics and steroids. She has to stay in the hospital for three days.

She said she was terrified and her face was horrible. Now she is a usual guest in the dermatologist cabinet.

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