Dark chocolate helps with the vision

May 1, 2018 - By Dolores Ford

Dark chocolate helps with the vision

Dark chocolate helps with the vision

The recent study shows that chocolate can be linked to good vision. Not all kinds of chocolate. Only dark one can improve eyesight, according to the US researchers.

They believe that chocolate is even better for vision than carrots. And perhaps it’s the best news for our youth.

At first, science had to admit that dark chocolate is a born enhancer of mood, and now there are noticed improvements in vision.

Meanwhile, don’t get too excited. According to the same research, visual clarity can be improved with chocolate only very slight. So, perhaps, it is better to go to the doctor.

Dark chocolate has antioxidants in it. Cacao flavanols are natural and highly concentrated in chocolate. It can help to improve mood, blood flow, and even cognition.

The research was made by San Antonio University of Incarnate Word Rosenberg Optometry School. They have compared the impact on vision made by milk and dark chocolate.

Some participants received 40 gram of dark chocolate with 72 percent of cacao in it, or bar made of milk chocolate.

After that, they had to pass through vision tests.

There were 30 participants, 21 of them were women and 9 men. All of them had almost the same age of 26 years average.

Authors of the research confirmed that there were higher visual acuity and contrast sensitivity in the group with participants who ate dark chocolate comparing to milk chocolate eaters. It was noticed in two hours after consumption.

Researchers cannot tell whether the effect will last longer than these hours. One of the possible explanations sounds like increase of oxygen and blood flow to the eye.

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