Carbon dioxide is on the rise again

May 15, 2018 - By Ellis Scott

Carbon dioxide is on the rise again

Carbon dioxide is on the rise again

The level of CO2 in our atmosphere reaches a new high. According to the latest data, the new threshold that was passed by toxic gas is equal to the 410 parts for a million. It is an average number registered this April at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii. In the 2017 year scientists from the same laboratory have seen an almost similar level of CO2.

Until nowadays, level of CO2 was equal from 200 ppm to 280 ppm on average. The situation did not change for thousands of years. So, why now?

Researchers tell that there is nothing to be surprised of. They could predict that this situation is coming. They have found that in the middle Pliocene Epoch, 3 million years back, the level of carbon dioxide was on the rise too. It was equal to the 400 ppm and did not fall down for many years.

Still, in Pliocene Epoch Earth was a much warmer place, with 66 feet higher sea level comparing to the current situation.

Scientists say that the climb from 280 ppm to 410 ppm happened not just recently. It happened because of many factors and could be explained by human and natural sources as well.

Meanwhile, the USA President Donald Trump has officially canceled the program of NASA which was monitoring carbon dioxide level. It is believed to be a mainly symbolic gesture as a global community continue to track the level of CO2 on our planet and search for the possible solution on how to reduce this level.

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