Can light at night affect children health?

May 3, 2018 - By Clifton Ray

Can light at night affect children health?

Can light at night affect children health?

According to the previous study, it can mess with circadian rhythms in children’s body. However, there may be even more dangerous risks to health.

A new study says that light can easily affect the quality of the sleep. Bright light during the night in a bedroom of preschool age children completely suppresses production of melatonin, which is extremely important for the child. It is a marker for circadian rhythms disruption in our bodies.

Researchers asked 10 children from 3 to 5 ages to play in a bright light an hour before their usual bedtime. According to the study, only 10 minutes past when melatonin was suppressed, and body did not produce this hormone at all. It was not stopped at the moment when a bright light was switched off. For almost an hour after the process did not renovate.

Melatonin is just the hormone responsible for circadian rhythms, it also responds to the healthy sleep in young age.

Sleep is very important for children. They are growing during this time, and sleep quality must be guaranteed by parents who want to escape further problems with their children’s health.

The data was collected and analyzed from 2015 study from 9 to 16 years old. And it shows sensitivity to the light in young age. Older children do not respond as younger. The study has used different levels of light, starting from very bright which is 500 lux and to the dim, 15 lux. While dim light suppresses 9 percent melatonin, bright light showed 37 percent.

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