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Ronald N. Hamilton

Email: editor@weeklyregister.com

Ronald is a specialist in ETF investing, REITs and macro economy.

He has his Ph.D. in International Finances and Economics. Ronald is a Professor in Virginia University, and the head of Economics Department.

For 20 years he taught his students how to make successful business, analyze market and pick the right place for investments.

He is particularly interest in gold. Ronald is a founder and head of small but very perspective research company.

During his career he moved from one state to another. Now he lives in New York with his family. He teaches business classes there. He likes to write analytical research papers for national and international magazines.

Thomas T. Vercher


Thomas is an advisor in the investments market. He is interest in value, debt, and non-investment grade debt.

He also works as an Editor for Financial Reporter. It is an online newspaper dedicated to development of companies.

Thousands of private investors and big companies read the newspaper. It covers main questions of financial area.

Since 2006 Marshi has wrote hundreds of posts and articles about investments. He is a registered advisor in California.

He creates portfolios which goes for his clients and his own business. Marshi himself invested in numerous successful operations. He worked with companies from abroad.

He is a graduate from Michigan University.

Morris M. Garcia


Morris is a famous shares picker for his own company. He is a columnist. Besides that, he is a Veteran of the US Army. He is a former realtor.

Morris is investor and market analyst.

Jesse K. Henderson


Jesse is a portfolio strategist. He is focused on value at the market.

According to Jesse, he has a lot of different interests at the market. And he makes investments considering them. He works as a manager of investments.

He received MBA from California University. He also has CFA. He says that his articles are usually forward looking. They can represent projections for the future. There are certain risks, despite careful deep analysis of the market. His main focus is on the long-term returns.

He suggests to read his predictions carefully and study your personal situation before making adjustments.

Richard T. Gladney


Richard specializes in geopolitics, commodities and currencies. He prefers to work with macroeconomics.

He believes that during the last several decades market was dependent from geopolitical changes. And right now the situation in the market is completely reliable from political area. He sees attempts of Saudi Arabia to make influence on the oil price, or European Central Bank’s to hold financial market under control. And according to Richard, there is only one way to become successful at the modern market. You need to learn geopolitical situation. Richard gathered his experience in politics and finances to help investors.