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Fountains Apartments $450000 Financing. Mark S Carter Filed Aug 10 D Form

Dolores Ford

Fountains Apartments Financing Fountains Apartments, Ltd., Limited Liability Company just filed form D because of $450,000 equity financing. This is a new filing. Fountains Apartments was able to sell $450,000. That is 100.00 % of the fundraising offer. The total fundraising amount was $450,000. The financing form was filed on 2017-08-10. The ...

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Sonian Capital Filing. Dominique Levy Published Aug 10 Form D

Jacob Falcon

Sonian Capital Form D The Alabama-based Sonian Capital, L.P. filed Form D regarding $12.86 million offering. The date of first sale was 2007-05-01. The Limited Partnership raised $12.86 million. The offering is still open. The total offering amount was $12.86 million. The offering filing was filed on 2017-08-10. Sonian Capital, L.P.’s clarification ...